Corner of Main & Mangum

105 S. Magnum, Downtown Durham. Neoclassical Building constructed between 1911-1915.

Photo Credit: Mark Paris.

The Challenge

The beautiful Neoclassical masonry and stone building was originally built between 1911-1915. After changing hands several times, and undergoing several renovations that included such shameful changes as adding drop ceilings inside, and filling in the beautiful windows all around, it would be a challenge to bring the old building back to its former glory.

The Solution

Eno Ventures purchased the building in 2012 and began renovations to restore it to its former glory. One of the first things they did was to reinstall beautiful replication windows and restore the architectural detail of the ceiling inside. The inside space is flexible and well suited for gallery space, working studio’s, or offices.

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The Specifics

Additional information about this property can be viewed on LoopNet’s site.

A Bit of History

Read about the many changes this building has undergone and see the transformation to the way it is today.

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